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“My mission is to guide as many individuals as possible back to self-Love, because Loving individuals collectively create a Loving world – a world we all so rightly deserve, and one that I know we’re intended to create, together, as the ONE we always have been.”      Dan King

The world has never seen a spiritual teacher or intuitive the likes of Dan King. Dubbed “The Rated-R Avatar”, Dan has an unapologetic, controversial and contemporary delivery. His transparently sincere mission to bring an unprecedented number of people to SOULgasm oozes authenticity, commands attention and, ultimately, transforms the lives of those who experience his work.

Dan King is a spiritual advisor and teacher, medium, intuitive soul coach, author, columnist, international speaker, and conscious entertainment producer who has worked with such prolific speakers as Dr. Deepak Chopra, Sylvia Browne, and talk show icon Montel Williams.

A pioneer of “spirituality with an edge”, Dan has been called a “revolutionary force in the conscious living movement” and a “spiritual rock star”. His fresh and brash approach to Life and spirituality merges inspiration, enlightenment, and entertainment while Dan reveals the answers to life’s big questions.

Dan’s uncanny ability to relay specific messages from Spirit has helped individuals all over the world to cultivate the inner peace that he feels we all deserve by birthright. From connecting people with deceased loved ones to his unique gift of intuitively channelling an understanding of the deepest parts of one’s being, Dan provides more than just “readings”.

His insight guides his clients in healing even the deepest emotional “issues” or pain. With an unparalleled compassion that comes from a deep understanding only Spirit can offer, he provides a profoundly life-altering experience that resonates to the core of one’s being.

If a shift in awareness is what humanity needs in order to reach our full potential, then shift is about to hit the fan.

It’s about time…



Grew up in a small town in Manitoba, Canada

Was an only child to a police officer and a school teacher

Grew up with a stutter until he was 10 years old

Was a professional wrestler. “Playboy” Will Damon was his in-ring character

Initially went to University to become a lawyer, but dropped out of university as he felt pulled to start his own business. He then became a conscious entertainment and concert producer for 10 years

*There are many other interesting facts to share about Dan’s life, all of which are shared throughout the SOULgasm Series.

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