SOULgasm: Quickies

“I love seeing genius in action! SOULgasm – Quickies is one powerful antidote to the ills and depression we see in ourselves and the people around us. I resonated with every word. Feeling down? Then read just one page, and you’ll feel better. Need answers about your spiritual nature? Then read every page – the beginning of your answers are there. This heartfelt and soul-stirring book is great for morning meditations or bedtime musings. Treat yourself to this gift – better yet, buy two copies so you can give one away!” – Sue Paulson, Speaker/Author

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000420_00059]A prequel and teaser to the highly anticipated SOULgasm series, SOULgasm: Quickies is a provocative compilation of spiritually channelled thoughts in relation to “what Life is, who we are, why we’re here and how we can do something about it”.

It is an overview and sample of the author’s controversial, yet highly insightful, message and a powerful teaser for what’s to come in the 3-part SOULgasm Series. Laced with like-minded quotes from various renowned individuals throughout history, Quickies is the ultimate “coffee table” book…with an edge. It’s a book that readers can pick up and open at any page to receive inspiring and thought-provoking Universal Truths directly from Spirit.

Anytime; anywhere – there’s always time for a Quickie!

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