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It’s your turn to come…back to you.

SOULGASM: soul-gasm (sol-gaz-uhm) 1. The physical or emotional sensation resulting from the stimulation of the Soul; experiencing Spirit; the sensation one feels when experiencing synchronicities or ‘signs’ of the intelligence and perfection behind Life. 2. When the physical self merges with and is powered by the authentic, Higher Self/Soul, the result of which is the individual coming into their authentic Being and therefore living their Highest Purpose. 3. Living in the physical as we are intended by Spirit.

Enough with the typical “airy-fairy” approach to spirituality and life’s big questions; it’s time to get real. Enter SOULgasm – a series of books that takes a highly controversial, brash and unparalleled modern approach to “God”, “the meaning of Life”, spirituality and metaphysics, yet with a blatantly compassionate and loving intention. The SOULgasm Series is a no-nonsense, candid and easy to relate to sharing of some of the most profound Universal Truths ever to be revealed to humanity, laced with firsthand accounts of the author’s personal spiritual awakening and the experiences that support and undeniably prove his message.

SOULgasm takes readers on a riveting journey back to Self, reminding us “what life is, who we are, where we come from, why we’re here and how we can do something about it” through a transformational process that also provides practical guidance on how to apply the knowledge shared within the series to one’s daily life for optimal results. It reveals the purpose behind physical life, how to achieve self-realization and live the Soul’s highest purpose and, therefore, live one’s highest possible potential.

The SOULgasm Series unfolds in three books…

It begins with SOULgasm: Foreplay – God Isn’t Religious, wherein you are reminded of the infinite nature of who and what we truly are and the purpose behind the human experience.

We then progress to SOULgasm: Penetration – Deliver Us from Ego, where the awareness of your True Self penetrates your “false self” as we expose the lies we’ve been conditioned to believe and unknowingly live by, all of which hold us back from our true potential.

Lastly, we come to SOULgasm: Climax – The 2nd Coming, wherein you learn how to transcend the limiting and self-minimizing illusions of being “only human” through simple exercises intuitively designed to be executed with ease. Ultimately, Climax guides you in applying the awareness of your True Self to your everyday life, allowing you to live from the Authentic You and experience your full potential and highest life, as intended. In other words, Climax is where you officially come…back to you.

The SOULgasm Series is introduced and preceded by an introductory book entitled SOULgasm: Quickies – Thoughts from Spirit that Flirt with the Soul. SOULgasm: Quickies is an overview and sample of Dan’s message and a powerful teaser for what’s to come in the full series. It is an ideal book to open at any page to receive inspiring and thought-provoking messages at any time. It’s the ultimate “coffee table” type of book…with an edge.

Never before has a “self-help” and spirituality-based series of books been so provocative, mainstream, relevant, timely, thought-provoking and attention-grabbing. Overall, SOULgasm gives readers everything one requires to come…back to the “You” you were put on this earth to be.

Until now, most of us have just been faking it.

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