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“Dan King was absolutely riveting, mixing his brand of spiritual, inspirational and life teachings to wow our audience.  He has a commanding presence, fresh material and an engaging presence as well.  I would highly recommend Dan as a speaker to any audience. His teachings are awesome for any event!”

  • Allan Marston, Humanity Unites Brilliance


“Dan King showed me a whole new way to live and love my life.  We talked weekly and he always seemed to know what to say and when to say it.  Words can hardly express the gratitude I feel for him.  Simply put, Dan is pure loving energy with the compassion to share his enlightenment.  He is an angel on earth.”

  • Leanna, Regina, SK, Canada


“During my session with Dan King, all of my most cherished dreams were brought to light. It was like a supernatural confirmation that all my hard work is finally going to pay off in the way my heart (not my mind) most desires. I would recommend a session with Dan as much for his deeply insightful intuitive abilities as for his open-hearted and compassionate nature.”

  • Sandra, Winnipeg, MB, Canada


“There are angels on earth, and Dan King is one of them. Like an angel, Dan watches over people, keeping them safe from harm, making sure they’re alright, lifting them up, restoring hope and guiding them toward happiness. With Dan in their lives, no one ever needs to feel alone, because his loving presence is never far.

Dan’s wings aren’t visible, but their constant comfort is felt every day!”

  • Colleen, Edmonton, AB, Canada


“After my session with Dan King, I started to look at life in a whole new way. He helped me start my spiritual journey, and made me excited about doing it. The world would be a better place if everyone in it had the chance to meet and talk with Dan.”

  • Jenn, Winnipeg, MB, Canada


“I love Dan King! He has brought to my life a deep sense of peace and a sense of magic and wonder in the Universe that I always hoped existed but wasn’t sure of. Now I am. I have a new zest for life!   The Intuitive Soul Coaching has given me a practical way to continue the spiritual lessons Dan has given me and it has helped me follow the path intended for me by God/The Universe. Dan has given me the most special gift anyone ever could and I know it is his intention to share this gift with anyone he can. Please give him that chance in your life – you will never regret it!”

  • Susan, Winnipeg, MB, Canada


“I wouldn’t be able to enjoy my Life in the way that I am if it wasn’t for Dan King. Every day I feel like I am becoming the person I was meant to be and I have Dan to thank! I can’t express the gratitude I have. It means the world to me.”

  • Emily, Altona, MB, Canada


“Dan King has the ability to get right to the heart of the issues holding you back in your life.  He’s able to present these issues to you in a direct way, and through an intuitive spiritual approach, lead you toward dissolving your blocks permanently.  His insights help to make sense of the events and situations in your life, and through a better understanding of them, he helps to guide you toward your life’s purpose.”

  • Justin, Sherwood Park, AB


“I first started taking classes with Dan King about one month ago. After the first class, I knew that I was hooked. Soon after the initial class, I began seeing every day things in a different light; I was seeing everything much more beautifully. When I heard that he did one-on-one sessions as well, I knew that I wanted to take advantage of the opportunity. During our meet, he hit home on so many levels. Although I shed some tears, I have never felt as liberated and joyful as I do now.   Listening to Dan speak has without a doubt changed who I am for the rest of my life. It is impossible for me to explain how much of a positive effect he has had on me. I know that I will never forget his words and all that he has taught me.”

  • Janessa, Winnipeg, MB


“Soul School is an opportunity where Dan King can be your guiding light to find your true essence. Throughout my life I have always wondered why I am here, what my true purpose in life is, and is there something larger than myself out there. Through Dan’s lessons and my personal one on one’s with him he is guiding me into learning how to let go and realize that I am perfection. He has helped me to see that God/The Universe loves me just the way I am, and that I am right where I need to be every second of every day. Dan has helped calm some of the inner storms that I have with myself and I sincerely thank him for this. He is a man who undoubtedly loves and cares about helping people see who they truly are. If you allow Dan to guide you on your journey – you will not for one moment regret it. We all have a light that shines brightly within us; at times we need people in our lives to make sure it never goes out!”

  • Karen, Winnipeg, MB, Canada


“This process has been transforming on all possible levels. Dan King sees the perfection in everything, everyone and, most importantly, in you. By doing this, he is able to show you who you really are – absolute infinite perfection. It’s like a fog has been lifted, and you can see yourself in this light. At first through his eyes and, eventually, with his guidance, you remember who and what you truly are. He shows you and then he gets you there. This might mean the occasional kick in the ass or a shoulder to cry on (which is also provided). Dan shows you unconditional love and, for some (most), it is the first time experiencing this.   In terms of this physical life, I had a lot of “challenges”, losing my Mom at age 10, going through a divorce and losing my leg in a train accident. The one-on-one life coaching/soul sessions gave me the tools and the knowledge that I needed to heal, accept and be grateful for all of my experiences.   I chose to let go of all the negative thoughts and behaviours that I used to repeatedly torment myself with. Dan showed me how to replace these thoughts/behaviours with loving thoughts and visions. I was amazed at how much time and energy I had for positive things in my life when I was able to get rid of all the negative inner dialogue – the possibilities are endless once you get out of your own way. This amazing process can also include messages from your loved ones who have passed and appearances from your spirit guides. I was astounded at the accuracy of the reading I received from Dan and from the messages during this reading. I am now able to recognize signs and messages in my everyday life. There is a great big universe out there that we are all a part of and, by going through this process, I have learned to truly love myself again – I feel like I have come home… acting from love and acting with love.”

  • Sherrie Graham, Winnipeg, MB


“You are facilitating positive change in the lives of others through Divine knowledge & guidance. You are a Blessing to my Life & the lives of others. Thank you!”

  • Tanya, Edmonton, Alberta

 “Dan King empowers the Soul. He shares his knowledge in a universal way that reaches everyone. Dan teaches the Essentials to bring out the perfection that you already are and have always been! Soul school taught me to see beauty in life, even when the world is ‘crumbling’.”

  • Annick Mabon, Winnipeg, MB


Soul school:


“Throughout my journey I have observed and practiced many different methodologies and explorations into the soul, searching for clarity and awareness of self only to find myself closer to an understanding but still confused by the complexity. Soul school is where the shift happened for me.  A ‘SOULgasm’, as Dan calls it, is the highest form of union of self. This union is explained in a simplistic yet profound way. Soul School increased my awareness/frequency and contributed immensely to my evolution as a soul in this temporary human existence.”


One on one:


“Some things you just know, and I know that the one on one Soul Sessions with Dan allowed me to find my answers not only through the info that was expressed through Dan from Spirit, but by the feeling of genuine love and awareness that resonates all around and through Dan. He has a way of telling you what is that leaves you understanding and feeling what is, even when your ego is trying to stop you. Dan King has the ability to catalyze and open ones inner knowing through his connectedness and wisdom.”

  • Saira Montgomery, Regina, SK, Canada


“I can’t fully express how grateful I am to Dan King for teaching/guiding me as he has through our one on-one “Soul Sessions”.  Not only has my new way of thinking changed what I have in store for my future, it’s made my everyday life better, happier, and life just more FUN!   My only regret is that I didn’t find Dan sooner – going to see him was my best decision ever!
I’ve also attended both SOULgasm, as well as Soul School and can’t say enough good things. Dan’s gift to speak and address the issues that each and every one of us needed guidance with was amazing.  I always knew after attending one of DK’s events or sessions that I would leave empowered by the knowledge and tools I gained simply through just listening to him.  I can hardly wait until the next event. This is something that truly needs to be experienced by everyone looking for a new/better/real approach at life.  You owe yourself this experience!!!!”

  • Kim Jones, Winnipeg, MB, Canada


“Dan King is the real thing!

He’s a great guide and teacher and in my experience working with Dan has been life changing. His spiritual wisdom and kindness always makes me feel safe and supported. Dan has given me key information about my spirit guides and my beloved deceased grandmother and since then I have open conversations with them.

After my first session with Dan I was already feeling like a new person. He taught me many useful techniques to continue on my spiritual path like how to awaken my Intuition. He also gave me specific visualizations to help me stay calm and grounded and with all his support now I keep a closer than ever relationship with my higher self.

Dan is amazing and I recommend his work to anyone who wants to experience a better life.”

  • Melyssa Guerrero Gil, Mexico


“Thanks to Dan, I was able to rid myself of the darkness around me and realize the true path of my Soul. Without his counselling and insight into my true self, I would not be on the path I was meant to succeed at in life. He was able to see my true worth and peak I am meant to achieve and I am more focused and have a clear vision of the world and my role in it.”

  • Scott Reid, Winnipeg, MB


“I have so many exciting “stories” & miracles that I could share since first speaking to Dan at the beginning of Sept, 2013. Both during sessions & after, I have experienced such a positive shift in my life & such a deeper connection to Source & Love for myself. So much has healed & changed during this last 2.5 months! In turn, I have shared much of this knowledge with my beloved family & witnessed their growth as well. During a session with Dan, you can fully expect Spirit to take over and deliver to you exactly what you need at that time. This may not be what you had planned to talk about or hear about, but rather what is purely meant for you.   Perfection! I love the “soulwork” that Dan gives after a session as this continues your personal growth and encourages you to take responsibility for your own healing.”

  • Tanya, Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada


“Dan King is a remarkable person, a breath of fresh air and a ray of sunshine…after all, he is about sharing the light! He clearly prides himself with the passion of bringing out the positive in everyone and making them see it in themselves. Genuinely caring for all those he meets, from all walks of life and all ages, he encourages all. From his kinds words, uplifting message and motivational talks, he brings forth an energy that is contagious and undeniably life-changing.”

  • Chella-Lynne, Winnipeg, MB, Canada


“Each time I’ve had the pleasure of sitting down with Dan King, he’s taken me through a journey that leads to ever increasing awareness and the feeling of connectedness that each of us yearn for. Each reading, with Dan serving as the medium, Spirit comes forward with great accuracy. The affection of Spirit shines through expressions of raw thought leading to validation to help allow one a better understanding though reflection and encouragement. Whether he is there to encourage you to progress through your path or gently nudge and reposition you, Dan King guides you with succinct understanding and sage advice allowing you to reach your true potential.”

  • David Zyla, Winnipeg, MB, Canada


“It’s hard not to get emotional when I think about my experiences with Dan King.   I’ve always said that I would give almost anything to have one more day, one more conversation with a family member who is on a higher energy level. His gift, his accuracy and his open and unconditional loving soul can help you find inner peace, closure and joy that will bring you to tears. I will forever hold my experience with Dan dear to my heart, soul, and overall well-being. If a spiritual advisor like Dan were a drug, it would be unethical not to use it.”

  • Jenna Brunnen, Winnipeg, MB, Canada                    


“After an event that awesome, I think I need a cigarette…and I don’t even smoke!”

  • Andrea Olive, Sherwood Park, AB


“I just got off the phone with Dan King and I can honestly say that it was one of the most powerful moments of my life. I’m ready to take on the world!”

  • Sam Badach, Ottawa, ON, Canada


“I attended Dan’s workshop and loved his frankness as I am a no-nonsense kind of person and he was so truthful and real; he came across as an everyday kind of guy…yet there is nothing normal about Dan! I left feeling like I had never felt before. I then booked a private reading as I needed to hear from spirit and knew he would be the path to that. Well that was the major turning point and his gift to me was amazing as he said things no one knew about. Before I met Dan, I had done years of conventional therapy, which helped somewhat, but did not give me my freedom like Dan did…I love him and his gift it is the most amazing thing I’ve ever experienced! How Dan is able to help individuals is beyond words. So thank you Dan King for being you. I love you and can’t wait till next time.”

  • Kim Rempel, Edmonton, AB, Canada


“Dan’s connection to Spirit is miraculous and life-changing. I came away from my session with him transformed, energized, and filled with such love and peace. His talent for channeling Soul wisdom is unparalleled, and his energy is boundless.  Whether Dan is sharing wisdom in front of an audience or chatting one-on-one, his heartfelt authenticity and selfless giving shine through. With gentle butt-kicking and a mischievous laugh, Dan lovingly supports us in our struggles to change and grow. You will love his vitality, bubbling enthusiasm and his compassionate understanding of the human condition. How blessed we are to have him on planet Earth at this time in our evolution.”

  • Sue Paulson, Speaker, Author

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