Soul School



“Throughout my journey I have observed and practiced many different methodologies and explorations into the soul, searching for clarity and awareness of self only to find myself closer to an understanding but still confused by the complexity. Soul school is where the shift happened for me.  A ‘SOULgasm’, as Dan calls it, is the highest form of union of self. This union is explained in a simplistic yet profound way. Soul School increased my awareness/frequency and contributed immensely to my evolution as a soul in this temporary human existence.”

  • Saira Montgomery, Regina, SK, Canada


“Dan King empowers the Soul. He shares his knowledge in a universal way that reaches everyone. Dan teaches the Essentials to bring out the perfection that you already are and have always been! Soul school taught me to see beauty in life, even when the world is ‘crumbling’.”

  • Annick Mabon, Winnipeg, MB


In this exclusive and all-inclusive 6-class course (each class approximately 90 minutes), Dan reveals and breaks down the Truth about Life in a fun yet direct and easy to understand format that relates to anyone and everyone.  If you’re a human being, this is the course for YOU, and one you owe it to yourself to experience!

In Soul School, you will learn:

  • Who and what you truly are
  • The meaning of physical Life
  • What “God” isn’t
  • A more accurate understanding of what “God” is
  • That Life is perfection
  • That YOU are perfection and don’t have to DO or BE more to be worthy of Love and acceptance
  • How to Love and accept yourself UNCONDITIONALLY
  • How to Love, accept and be grateful for everything and everyone in your Life
  • How to connect to the infinite part of you and harness your innate power
  • How to become unaffected by “negative” experiences
  • How to connect with Loved Ones whom have passed on
  • How to heal and let go of any issues, without exception
  • How to find peace and joy in every moment
  • How to maximize your chances of restoring optimal health and be as healthy and whole as you were created
  • How to create abundance in all areas of your Life
  • How to remember and connect to your Life Purpose and do what you’ve been put on earth to do
  • How to live the Life you’re intended to and deserve to live!

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